Habitat Restoration & Management of New England's Natural Areas

Ecological Restoration Planning

Ecological Health Evaluations

Management, Maintenance & Stewardship Plans

Inventory and Ecological Assessments

Rare species and biological assessments, natural resources inventory, field research and analysis, invasive plant inventory, wetlands delineation and classification, wildlife habitat evaluations.

Planning and Design

Including wetland restoration & mitigation plans/design, preparation of plans for habitat restoration, ecological monitoring, invasive plant management, adaptive management and revegetation projects; GIS/GPS mapping; grant writing.

Sample Land Management Plan

Project Representation & Permitting

Federal, State, Local:  Wetlands & Endangered Species


As-built, monitoring, and regulatory reports.

Ecological Monitoring

Identification/quantification of reference ecosystems, ecological monitoring surveys, preparation of monitoring protocols and performance standards.

Sample Ecological Monitoring Plan

Construction Management

Project oversight, budget preparation, marking of project boundaries and features, survey stakeout, compliance monitoring, materials inspection, native plant/seed procurement.

Public Outreach

Meeting facilitation, training, articles, press releases & public presentations.