Habitat Restoration & Management of New England's Natural Areas

Workshops & Presentations

for any organization or group interested in learning the nuts and bolts of applied land stewardship. A perfect fit for volunteer groups, conservation organizations, land trusts, conservation commissions and town DPW crews

The following is a partial list of workshops:

  • Applied Invasive Species Control

  • How to Map, Measure, and Monitoring Invasive Species

  • Invasive Species Strategic Planning

  • Community-Based Streambank Stabilization Techniques

  • Phragmites or Japanese Knotweed Management

  • Managing Conservation Lands

Workshops/Presentations can be tailored to meet your needs

Invasive plant field identification ~ Weed wrench & honeysuckle poppper demo ~ Cut stem herbicide application demo

Photos taken by Steve Funderburk, Pelham Conservation Commission